What the Heck is Castle Doctrine?

Well, we have almost survived yet another political year. Be sure you are keeping updated and that you get out and vote. Your vote or the lack of it, will matter in the outcome of our country in the years to come.

If you are traveling, be sure that you check the DPS site when starting your travels as our agreements do change from time to time. New Mexico is back on the DPS site with a new agreement signed in June saying they do recognize our licenses except for people who are not citizens of the United States or are under 21 years of age.

One of the biggest problems in deciding what you can and cannot do when carrying in a state other than Texas is to know whether the state is a castle doctrine state, a retreat state, or a stand your ground (no retreat) state. There is a study on the web that appears to have some good information that you might look into if you travel a lot to help you better understand the laws you are dealing with. http://www.readyholster.com/blog/stand-your-ground-gun-laws-infographic . However, be sure that you check with that state’s agency also to have the proper way to handle yourself and when and where you can carry.

It has been interesting how many learn to shoot classes we have had this year even in the summer heat. I am glad to see that people are really interested in learning to handle, care for and safely shoot that handgun before thinking about using it in their home or beginning to carry it with them.

Have had great turnouts for the Sharpening Shooting Abilities class which takes you to the next level of shooting defensively and being able to use your handgun. Some are becoming regulars and taking it every couple of months as a good activity to be with other like people and keep themselves alert and able. John and Ross have set up some great routines and skill drills while keeping you and the other students safe.

We try to have these classes every other month so check the web site.

I think many of us are not willing yet to admit that there are lots of people now living in central Texas. Roadways are crowded and many new rules are put in place but it takes people working together to get the job done. Road rage is not an option. If someone is driving dangerously, call 911 and let them know. Yelling and screaming at the mirror or your partner in the store may be an option but might bring other problems. However, chasing down a driver and yelling, screaming and beating on their window is not an option. It may not seem to be a dangerous action under your terms but that person in the other car may not realize that your immature and ridiculous actions is not a use of illegal force. The person in the other vehicle may fear for their safety or life and suddenly you are in a very bad situation.

The jurors in Texas have already spoken that “going to and/or causing a situation is not an acceptable situation if you then have to shoot someone because you now are fearful of the persons involved.” The no retreat law does not work if you go to or initiate the fight.

I am still trying to figure out how the young man in Houston shot himself and injured a child while getting his wallet out of his jeans. Am sure that this will be a messy situation as when the bullet discharged it evidently hit or grazed a person and child in line behind him. Someone has told me that it probably was because he was carrying his gun in a wallet holster in the same pocket as his real wallet and got his finger inside the holster and hit the trigger.

You must take the time to be sure you can carry and also get that handgun out safely wherever you are. Had a case recently where a person realized that they could not get their handgun out if they were seated driving their car. Would be very frustrating to die trying to get to your gun.

We will be doing a new CHL class in Bartlett beginning October 18 at the Tejas Gun Shop on Hwy 95, Bartlett, Texas. This will service a new area of students so if you know someone looking for a class have them contact us or the Tejas Gun Shop in Bartlett.

The renewal process can be started 6 months prior to your expiration date. Be sure you have some way of knowing when that expiration date is coming up and then go online do your DPS application, print out the bar code check list. Arrange for your class (only 4 – 5 hours, qualifying on the range, and taking 50 question test). Then send in the bar code checklist with the documents needed and your CHL- 100.

Remember an expired Concealed Handgun License is not like a expired drivers license where they normally give you a warning so you can go get your new license. They can charge you with Unlawful Carrying if you are carrying on an expired CHL License.

Upcoming events:

October 13 – introduction into IDPA at Austin Rifle Club Range. Contact education officer on web site. Some have asked for information on how to get involved in this. Enrollment is limited to 12 students so act quickly. A complete course explanation and list of required gear are on the ARC Website: www.austinrifleclub.org/education.

Get out and vote. That is the best thing we can do to protect our freedoms.
November 11 – Veterans Day. Thank a vet for his service in keeping our country free.

Spend some time with the young folks in your life and families so that they understand what makes our country great and a special place to live. My grandparents and parents had such an influence in my outlook on life and the beliefs that I have carried with me. If we want our children to benefit from being freemen and carry our beliefs and the basic principles of this great country forward we need to impress our children with the ideals that make this true, valuable and a blessing. Clubs, classes and schools can teach our children but only we can make those basic beliefs and truths mean something to them.

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Stay safe,

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