Making Sense of Another Senseless Tragedy – The WDBJ 7 Virginia Shooting.

With a heavy heart, all of our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends, and employees of WDBJ 7 in Virginia.

Personally, this event has affected me deeply because it hits very close to home as it exposes the daily vulnerability my own wife and family face. I've shed many tears and felt a deep visceral sense of anger and helplessness. I was horrified at the eternity that passed while this madman had his unsuspecting victims at close range gunpoint. Horrified at the seeming randomness and the lightning speed of the violence. Angry at someone or something for "allowing" this deranged violence to occur yet powerless to understand how it could have been prevented given the knowledge the killer possessed.

Unfortunately, those videos are a harsh representation of truth. They are the true vision of the horrifying lethality that occurs around us daily as Wolves prey on Sheep. It happens hundreds of times each day but rarely does it happen under the live glare of the media.

I think we all agree both sides of our gun debaters are already turning this tragedy into a chit in their Big Game. It's going to be a circus with no truth in sight. I hope and pray that reasonableness and respect prevails.

Please give our community the strength to grieve this event with dignity and respect while turning our backs to sensationalizing the shooter or his gruesome attempt broadcast his violence.

Be safe,

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