Smearing the Concealed Carrier – Nice Try Jason Stanford

Jason Stanford's "Editorial" in the October 12 Austin American Statesman attempts the same tired cliche of painting concealed carriers as vigilantes looking for a reason to play High Noon on Austin's college campuses. His assertions are so false and misleading and are in no way fact or reality based.

So today, I set the record straight. In the October 16 Letters to the Editor, my rebuttal was published!

Re: Oct. 12 commentary, “Campus carry unlikely to have a happy ending.”

Jason Stanford’s characterization of campus carry is willfully and wildly misleading. I should know; I am a certified CHL instructor here in Texas. The purpose of a CHL has never been to replace police officers in the pursuit and capture of a dangerous armed felon; instead, it is meant to give a final fighting chance to those who are so unfortunate as to encounter an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to themselves or loved ones. It is under these circumstances alone that the concealed carry permit holder may act. Concealed carriers understand that using their firearm in any other way will not only place themselves and others in grave danger, but could also be a violation of the law exposing them to both criminal and civil action. For Stanford to vilify these law-abiding citizens as renegade vigilantes is false and inflammatory.


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