First Newsletter / Where to Shoot

This will be the first of what we hope will be a newsletter to keep you up-dated on laws, ideas, and events in the world of concealed carry.

As most of you know, my wife Dottie is my assistant in the classes. She has retired and we are working to set up somea dditional self-defense or concealed carry type schools to give people some principles of safety, practice, and keep you up-dated between your re-certifications. Also we are planning to set up some basic pistol classes for those who just want to begin somewhere and some advanced training for more ideas on carrying and defending yourself.

We are going to go to the NRA instructor classes and a couple of other things to get the most information we can so that we can put on something that will truly help you with your needs and learning. Keep a watch in the newsletters to come or web site for dates and places.

At this time, we are teaching 5 to 7 chl-license classes a month and you can go on the website to see when and where they are. There were several laws that were put into effect this year that I believe will help our situation as concealed carriers. I will get a letter out as soon as we go to the instructor school in September.

If you are looking for places to shoot (since several ranges have closed now), the Austin Rifle Club has a nice range (except in wet weather) ( or there is a private range now about 15 miles south of the Airport of Highway 183. It is the Lone Star Range and they have daily rates and annual memberships. ( (512/801 2624). Both are well kept and regulated for safety.

Keep in touch if you have events that might be interesting to others or questions about any of the new rules.

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