New Mexico Reciprocity

Classes are going strong and have some new instructors so should have a lot more licensees at the end of 2012. The application process is getting to be the norm and DPS has been getting them completed timely.

Our class price for the new applicant is $100 and still includes 10 hours of instruction, photographs, books, lunch, and range fees. We have loaner guns if needed.

The courts have continued to substantiate that an individual has the right to defend himself and his loved ones. A few have left questionable verdicts or opinions, which appear to lessen our self- defense right but most, agree it is an individual right. Most still say there can be limitations on when and where you carry and/or certain activities that might limit whether you can carry - felony convictions, mental incapacity, habitual drug or alcohol problems - but the courts seem to agree most individuals have the right to defend themselves.

NOTICE! Despite all of the ALERTS and news to the contrary, as of May 1, 2012, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety announced that they will continue to recognize CHL’s from Texas. New Mexico law requires states allowed to carry in their state must have concealed carry statutes which are as stringent as and/or substantially similar to New Mexico’s laws and according to the DPS web site, they are recognizing our CHL’s at this time.

If you are traveling through New Mexico or live in the New Mexico/Texas border be extra cautious and keep alert to any new changes. Anyone, whether you have a CHL or not, should be careful of the New Mexico firearm laws. Texas DPS has a note on their web site as follows:

Texas has recognized New Mexico's licenses since December 29, 2004, and continues to do so. New Mexico is currently reviewing its reciprocity agreement with Texas and other states. Travelers to New Mexico are advised to contact the New Mexico Department of Public Safety or review its website carry/reciprocity-agreements

When a firearm incident is reported, we need to let the authorities involved in the areas where an event occurs to gather facts, make determinations and such on the facts and evidence they find before we go putting it out on national media to second guess everything that has been done. I am not sure that there are any facts that will not be questioned at this time about the shooting in Florida since there are stories, which contain incorrect information already published. However, it does show each of us that we want to be in that “last resort” mentality and if at all possible leave that area rather than have to pay the price of others Monday quartering backing our actions and the authorities even before they have time to complete their jobs.

It appears that there is a movement trying to bring up divisions in our country and most of this has nothing to do with race, creed, or personal difference. It is to benefit someone’s cause so choose your fights cautiously.

Johnson City had a great Progressive Agriculture Safety Day this week. About 130 students from the surrounding schools. Glad all these programs are still able to function with all the volunteers that make them happen.

Upcoming events –

  1. Be sure you have registered to vote and then get out and vote. That is the best thing we can do to protect our freedoms.

Early Voting Begins May 14th
Primary Election Tuesday May 29th
Runoff Elections July 31st for Texas State Rifle Association’s voter guide

  1. Central Texas Friends of NRA Dinner and Auction

Thursday, May 10, 2012 6 pm Sheraton Hotel, 701 E. 11th Street

Games, Auctions, Fun and Guns Tickets: $50.00

Meet people interested in the second amendment, hunting, sporting and other firearm concerns and promotes youth sporting events here in Central Texas. 51% of funds raised in Texas remain in texas.

  1. Lone Star Gun Range - freedom celebration Sunday, July 1 Free range time and Free barbeque 9 am

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