New CHL Class Requirements

Thanks for visiting our website. This is the second newsletter to keep you up-dated on laws, ideas, and events in the world of concealed carry. The original letter was well received and we have had many comments and questions as a result. We want to be sure that you understand we can only give you information as to the conceal carry instruction course and not legal advice, so if you have a specific situation question, be sure you seek competent legal counsel. Administrative or eligibility questions can be made to the legal department of the Concealed Handgun Division at the Department of Public Safety but your rights should be reviewed by an attorney educated in that field of law.

Our handgun basic classes have been well attended and we have had great participation in the basic pistol classes from total beginners to persons who just need refreshing of the operation, safety procedures and/or wants to try different types of handguns with some guidance to gain proficiency.

These classes are held at the Lone Star Gun Range and we have been able to spend good class time and lots of good range time in learning to shoot or improving the student’s proficiency.

We are teaching 3 to 5 scheduled CHL certification classes a month now – at Elgin Outfitter’s in Elgin, at the Lone Star Gun Range near Lockhart, at the Courtyard Marriott in south Austin and at the America Best Value Suites on Koenig Lane in Austin.

The Austin Rifle Club ( has changed some of their rules and procedures on membership and requirements.

The Lone Star Gun Range south on Hwy 183 now has a 100 yard range and has made many other improvements. ( (512/801 2624). The have an annual membership arrangement plus daily rates.

You can review the 80th Legislature laws that pertain to the persons who carry firearms by going to Newsletters on this site and clicking on the November 2007 letter.

Those who are recertifying for the third or subsequent renewal of a license to carry a concealed handgun should be sure to call DPS and confirm whether they need to complete a continuing education course in handgun proficiency and obtain a handgun proficiency certificate as now the license holder renewing for the third or subsequent time is not required to complete the course or obtain the certificate more than once in any 10-year period. We will assist those who want to come to a scheduled class by doing your photos, notaries, and fingerprints so you can submit your renewal application when you don’t have to take the class for $35.00. We want to encourage everyone to be sure and do your renewals in a timely fashion. If you do not renew before one year out from your expiration, you must start over as a new applicant.

DPS requires that your renewal application is in their hands or postmarked on or before the 365th day after your expiration date to have your license renewed.

It is best if you will begin your process of renewal as soon as you receive your 6 month notice from the Department of Public Safety. The renewal will be from the expiration date whether you renew it on time or later.

It is no longer a requirement that you are a resident of Texas and military personnel under 21 can obtain a concealed carry license. Be sure you understand that if you are not a resident and/or are not 21, there are some states that will not recognize your license when you are traveling in those states. Always check with the Concealed Handgun Division site ( ) under the Agreements with Other States to be sure of their requirements. Also there is a new website ( ) that gives a lot of good information when traveling.

There are several strong organizations in Texas who support our rights to keep and bear arms. Be sure you support their efforts and keep updated as to ways we can all assure that our rights are preserved. The Concealed Handgun Instructors Association is open to all persons who have a license and promotes the teaching of gun safety through their programs. You can get information from their web site ( ). The Texas State Rifle Association has a section on concealed carry and your can locate information from their web site ( ).

There is a national movement petitioning the college campuses to allow concealed carry licensees to carry on ampus. The Students for Concealed Carry website is One of their members did a very informative interview in Lubbock on the Fox Talk in the Morning (KJTV) - Audio Only (mp3) - Video(wmv) - Dec. 26, 2007.

This is an exciting year with lots of political events going on. Be sure that you keep aware of the candidates and their beliefs so that you can vote for those persons who will be willing to affirm and promote our constitutional rights. Keep in touch if you have events that might be interesting to others or questions about any of the new rules.

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