Meet Brian


Brian is a Native Texan and Austinite since 1992. Central Texas is home and he can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. After graduating with honors from Saint Edward’s University, Brian spent 20 years as a software engineer and salesperson with Accenture, Dell, Bazaarvoice and numerous small startups. He is a lifelong baseball player, youth coach, and Texas Rangers fan - he’ll tell you the game is in his blood. He currently plays senior league baseball with the Austin Saltdogs in the Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL) and has played in several national tournaments. Brian is a dedicated husband and father to three beautiful boys. His dedication to family led him on a journey to learn how best to protect his home and family. He was a casual shooter and gun enthusiast for years (like most Texans) and decided the most comprehensive family defensive strategy needed to include handgun proficiency and home defense tactics. He’s been a dedicated student of both - spending countless hours of research, receiving professional instruction, and practicing daily to develop his proficiency. His studies led him to Ross Bransford, and Ross’ teachings fundamentally transformed his views about personal defense as well as gun ownership and use. Ross inspired Brian so much that he decided to take over the company when Ross and Dottie retired. His goal is to inspire the same change in his students while providing an "everyman" perspective about how to realistically and safely integrate these new behaviors into their daily lives. Brian is a certified CHL Instructor (License# xxxxxxxx), NRA Pistol Instructor and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He receives advanced training from former military and SWAT instructors at Sight Alignment (