July 4th BBQ Celebration

Classes are still going strong (even in the heat). We have a Sharpening Shooting Abilities Class Saturday July 21 – 8:30 am to noon. Good time to come out have some fun and practice your ability to shoot and handle your gun. $65 for 4 hours.

Had a wonderful Independence Day Celebration on July 1st at the Lone Star Range. Good to see so many people out having a good time in spite of the hot weather. The Lone Star Range has made some great updates and improvements. Thanks to all who made it such a great event.

Not much changing in carry laws or the application process. Too much politics going on. Be sure to vote if you have candidates in the July run-offs as this will be a time that voter turn out may be low just because of timing.

The recent Rodriguez case in Houston where he video taped himself notifying his neighbor of too much noise. Things escalated and he shot one of the men is a true tragedy. You, as a private citizen have the right to defend yourself, but not to go into the fight or create a situation and then defend yourself. It is still a last resort to stop the aggression.

Am truly sorry for all the people involved as really believe Mr. Rodriguez believed he was within his rights at the time he defended himself and now one man is dead and another’s life is ruined -- and the families of both will never be the same.

The Martin case in Florida is still under consideration for trial. Think his situation is entirely different from the Texas case but with all the bad publicity it may be hard to prove.

A decision in the Northern US District Court of Illinois ruled it unconstitutional for Chicago to treat people with nonviolent misdemeanor convictions the same as convicted felons. The Plaintiff in the Gowder case was convicted as a first time offender for possession of a firearm in 1995. He still could get a state Firearm Owner’s Identification card but then attempted to get a permit from the city of Chicago to have a handgun in a high crime area where he lived. His application was denied because of his non-violent misdemeanor in 1995 preventing him from possessing a gun even in his home under the Chicago ordinance.

Mr. Gowder filed suit against Chicago. The Federal Court found that the ordinance is unconstitutional in part because it denies permits to persons convicted of non-violent misdemeanors of merely possessing firearms pointing out that non-violent misdemeanants were not historically prohibited from possessing guns.

How we live our lives and our attitudes will greatly affect our ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones and come out of the incident without a tremendous amount of emotional scars and legal bills. In many cases, how we have lived our lives and our attitudes may determine if we have the handgun in the first place. But this case will help those who have minor infractions in their past to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Defending ourselves or our loved ones is going to be a serious, costly and emotionally life changing event, even if we have no other choice so if there is another way to accomplish getting away, calling the police or just staying out of a bad situation, we need to take that.

On another level, in the Secord case in New Hampshire the appeals court found that the grandfather was not responsible for his grandson’s breaking in and stealing his 22 revolver from a hunting camp and then murdering three people in a robbery. The court held that people generally cannot be held liable for the criminal acts of third parties except in very narrow exceptions and the facts in this case did not show either a particularized risk of harm or a degree of foreseeability sufficient for this. Further the court noted that previous rulings found a “fundamental unfairness” in holding a private citizen responsible for unanticipated criminal acts of others.

Stay safe,

Ross and Dottie Bransford, Instructors
512/750 9843

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