Hello Fifth Wheel!

Well, the time has come. Dottie and I have sold our teaching business to a great young man who is very talented and excited to carry on the teaching of handgun safety and concealed (or open after January 1, 2016) carry classes. His name is Brian Mcrae and he working to learn all the ins and outs of such a business and bring great new and innovative ideas to make the classes and business better.

Brian is young and vibrant and has lots of ideas to make the shooting adventure available and interesting for all ages. As those of you who have met and worked with Brian know he is a very talented and enjoys working with each of you on your shooting problems. I understand that he is planning on doing more classes all over the central Texas area. We will still be involved for 6 months to a year depending on how long he needs us to teach classes and work with him.

Brian is a concealed handgun instructor, Range Safety Officer and NRA certified Handgun instructor. He is constantly taking classes and schools to learn more of how to help his students.

Dottie and I are planning to purchase a travel trailer and see more of the great USA while we can. We have enjoyed the last 21 years working together with you and all the great organizations that promote safety with firearms.

Be sure to check out

  • The Texas Rifle Association and its many new and exciting ventures into Hunting and Gun related projects
  • Keep up with the Proposition #6 which will set out basic standards for use of science to determine the maintaining of our hunting and fishing in Texas which will be on the November 6 voting ballot.
  • The concealed handgun section of DPS so that you have the latest on the new laws and how they will affect all carriers and especially the dates they go into place.
  • The new classes that NRA is setting up (I am sure Brian will be working with them)

Brian plans to keep most of the classes and such in place for the time being with adding some additional handgun safety and carrying classes so watch the web site.

We look forwarding to working with Brian on his new adventure and will be in and out of the central Texas area so hope to see you at the ranges. We will continue to do volunteer teaching for groups and clubs with Brian’s approval. So keep in touch and Stay Safe.

Ross and Dottie Bransford

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