DPS Administrative Reminders

CHL classes and applications are still going well and the classes are very steady. Hope this means that we will continue on with the numbers of licenses that are in Texas to be well over 500,000. Just a few notes on some procedural and processing situations.

If you receive a letter from DPS be sure that you read it thoroughly and act on it within the allotted time or your application may be terminated and you have to start completely over.

One CHL Licensee reported that he received his 6 month notice letter, immediately went online, completed his renewal notice, and paid DPS. He thought he was through because he was a 3rd time renewal. However, it seems that he had only done his original class and 1 renewal so DPS sent him the following letter saying that his application was incomplete and they needed a Certificate of Training Form (CHL-100).

The Department has received your application to attend the Texas Concealed Handgun Instructors Course and/or you application for a Texas Concealed Handgun License. However, your application cannot be processed at this time due to an error or errors on your application.

The application you submitted had an incomplete or missing Certificate of Training Form (CHL-100).

Please return his letter, along with requested corrections to the address listed below. If documentation is not received within ninety (90) days from the date of this letter, your application will be terminated.

Life got busy and he forgot about it for a while. Soon he realized that his license was going to expire so he called and made arrangements for the class. During class I explained that a renewal student needed the Bar Code/Checklist printed out to return to DPS with the CHL-100. He went back to the web site and tried to print it out. The web site told him that he had an active license until his expiration date but it could not be renewed.

He then called DPS and they affirmed that since he had not completed the renewal process within the allotted time, his license would expire and he would have to start all over as a new student. I confirmed the process with the DPS CHL-Evaluation Unit and yes –

If you receive a “termination” letter during the process saying that something is needed to complete the process and you do not get the information back to them within the allotted time, you will lose what you have invested and will have to start over instead of just renewing your license when your license expires.

When you are applying for a license or renewing a license, do everything that is needed as quickly as you can and if you receive a letter from DPS get whatever they request completed within the time limit listed in the letter. DPS did say that if you call within the time stated, then they may give you a 15 or so day extension to complete the process.

House Bill 321 giving you the right to have the gun in your locked vehicle in your employer’s parking lot is law as of September 1. This does not mean you can carry on the premises at work or in their vehicles. Your handgun can be in your locked vehicle in the parking lot. Some people say this may mean only concealed carry licensees and some say it means anyone who had the right to have the gun. Be sure you understand what the law says. There are a few exceptions as reported earlier as to schools employers, hazardous chemical facility employers, and private landowners leasing oil, gas or mineral rights employers on their property.

This session passed several items that will help people be able to defend themselves and provide some protection for gun ranges against frivolous law suits.

Earlier this year, a bill was introduced in the US Congress that would enable millions of permit holders to exercise their right to self-defense while traveling outside their home states.

Forty states have permit systems that make it possible to obtain a permit, while most of the others have discretionary permit systems and Vermont has never required a permit. House Bill 822 could improve the gun owners' rights and significantly expand where your state permits are recognized. So if you want to promote its passage, call your representatives.

We have a Learn to Shoot basic class schedules for September 15 at 4 pm until 7 pm and are hoping that the weather will begin to cool down. It is now posted on the web site and give us a call if you have any questions.

Stay safe.
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