Campus Carry Killed in Committee PO Box 19511, Austin, Texas
Several Bills which may affect your Concealed Carry are moving in the Legislature:
House Bill 2807 (Rep Lon Burnam’s Assault Weapons Bill) has been pulled from the Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence agenda so may have been defeated. It appears the bill would attempt to outlaw the transfer or possession of semiautomatic firearms (under the Congressional description of assault weapons which was allowed to expire in 2004) by anyone under the age of 21, making it a class A misdemeanor for anyone under 21 to possess a so-called "assault weapon" even youthful competitive shooters or hunters. House Bill 2807 could be put back on the agenda so keep alert.
House Bill 681 – a bill to provide that employees could leave their handguns locked in vehicles parked in employers’ parking lots should come before the House on Monday, May

2 . The General State
Calendar lists HB 681 by Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt (R-Lexington) for Monday, May 2nd. 94 House members besides the authors have signed on as co-authors in support of the bill. Be sure you let your representatives know if you support this bill.
The Campus Carry Bills have been pulled again but if you are interested in this legislation, be sure to call you representatives immediately. It has been suggested to call Lt. Governor Dewhurst to request his assistance in getting this legislation back into play.
If you want further information or names to contact, go to the Texas State Rifle Association’s website ( or the Concealed Handgun Association web site (
If you are in the process of renewing or applying for a license, be sure you go to the Department of Public Safety Concealed Handgun web site so you can see the new procedures and processes for these applications.
Remember all fingerprints must be completed by L-1 Solutions at this time and renewal students no longer need new fingerprints and photographs.
If this is your third renewal (you took your class, your renewed once, then twice and this is your third or subsequent renewal) then you only have to take the class and re-qualify on the range every 10 years. Be sure you still go in and renew your paperwork and pay them their fee every 5 years to keep your license active.
Be safe,
Ross and Dottie 512/750 9843

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