You can start your application for a concealed handgun license in two different ways. We suggest that you come to class so you understand what you are stating on the application. However, you can go online and complete the application and then come to class. Whichever you decide to do, you will have to apply online to get a number so you can set up your appointment for fingerprints with the DPS company. As of March 1, 2011, DPS will no longer accept rolled fingerprints. They must be completed by the DPS company and you must make an appointment with them giving them a number assigned by DPS so it will tie into your application. Check with DPS for any exceptions to this procedure.

1. To complete the application at:

You will need your driver's license, birthday, social security number, current mailing and residential addresses, places you have lived the last 5 years, information on ANY arrests and charges, present employment and previous employment locations for the past 5 years, and any drug or alcohol treatment received.
When you complete payment to the Department of Public Safety online, it will give you a receipt and Bar Code Check List. You must print out the receipt/Bar Code Check List that appears on the screen telling you any additional documents/paperwork based on any special conditions - born outside the country; residence address; etc. - that needs be completed and returned to the Department. It will have a barcode and must be included with the additional items needed by DPS.

Be sure you understand what is being asked in the application as you are verifying the information when you complete the process. You will not receive an application packet in the mail.

DPS will use your Texas ID or drivers license photograph unless you are a non-resident applicant.

When you complete the class, you will be issued a CHL 100 showing that you have passed both the classroom and range qualification.

You will then forward the required documentation (i.e. photographs, fingerprints, CHL-100 and any other documentation requested) to the Department of Public Safety for them to process the background checks and issue your license.

2. YOU CAN COME TO CLASS and get a hard copy application from us or go online and print one. But if you file a hard copy application instead of an electronic application, you will have to send it in with your other documentation and be assigned a number which they will mail back to you so you can set up your fingerprints with the DPS company.

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