Alcohol and Guns DO NOT Mix

2090 brought many new and unusual ideas forth in our United States and instead of bringing our country together I am afraid it has pulled many groups further apart. But then change always brings out differences. The trick is to get good stable true information on which to base your choices. There is so much information on the web that you can kind of prove any point you want. But there are also people using the questions we have to just raise up trouble to keep anything from happening. So chose your information sources well.

2010 will be a political year for Texas with many of the state government places up for grab. Listen to your choices and be sure they are promoting what you believe in before voting. We have had several great years for the progress of more freedom in self defense, prosperity, and personal rights and it would be sad to see us elect people who will tear that down. You can see who are running in your area at

CHL Classes are still busy and going well. Lots of young people are getting involved, getting educated and applying for their licenses and that gives me hope for this great nation.

DPS shows that in September 2008 there were 314,574 active licensees and 1511 certified instructors. That a good number but hopefully it will gradually rise to make a great statement of people that believe in the freedoms which built this life style we know.

The Austin Gun Shows dilemma is ongoing still. We have been told that the next gun show will be at the old Target Building on South IH 35 on February 20 and 21. Evidently the property owner at the North Lamar location decided not to lease the facility to the gun show because of some nuisance occurrences. There is no evidence of any actually arrests and convictions of any people on illegal purchases but calls were made and so much ruckus was caused that the people who owned the building decided not to lease to the gun owner promoters. The Saxet Gun Show is once a month in San Antonio at this time.

Much is being discussed about a “zero tolerance” for alcohol consumption if you are carrying. Believe that the law states that it is illegal to carry while intoxicated. Therefore to make assumptions as to who would do what or whether there is a limit or not is probably just that, an assumption. However, the instructor school emphasized the importance of mental capacity and the DPS test stresses that there is no “legal set limit”. Think most of the instructors just want to be sure that everyone is very cognizant of the many problems that carrying associated with drinking can bring, both on the criminal side and the civil side of any self defense action.

There are a couple of law suits pending in Washing DC, Chicago and other places which will have a big affect on carrying through out the states. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Chicago case which is based on Chicago’s belief that they can still prohibit all gun ownership and use because the Heller decision does not apply to them. This case should be heard this spring with a decision probably in the early summer.

Nothing major has come down on concealed carry in Texas since the new laws in September. (see our September newsletter). However, new applications are taking about 30 to 45 days now and we want to commend DPS for their upgrades and work to make that happen.

Several groups who work for our rights on the second amendment are having their conferences this time of the year. Take part if you can.

Texas Concealed Handgun Association Conference is March 6th and 7th in Kerrville. Susanna Hupp will be the guest speaker. Check them out at

Texas State Rifle Association’s, 7th Annual Sportsman’s Spectacular Mesquite Convention Center, February 26-28, 2010.

There is a whole weekend of activities planned that will be of interest to all TSRA members. Guest speakers, an exhibit hall, Carter Blood Drive, seminar speakers on numerous topics, scheduled educational classes are being offered and the 2nd Annual TSRA Foundation Banquet.

Right now is a time that we are adding to the licensees in Texas and there have not been any really difficult cases or problems in the carry process for Texans. There is a report out that CHL licensees from the 50 states have killed 127 other people, 27 of them being law enforcement. Well, as usual, there are many included which have nothing to do with the fact that the person was a CHL carrier. One even strangled his girlfriend, but he had a CHL so they included him.

The new law that allows you to carry in your vehicle to and from your car and to and from where you are using your handgun or your business is getting lots of mixed reviews. Some prosecutors have dismissed all UCW cases saying there is no way to prove them. Others are arresting unsuspecting person when they are told that a gun is in the vehicle saying they cannot determine if they are a “member of a street gang, have authority to have the gun (not a previous felony etc.), and have control of the vehicle it is located in” therefore making the person prove that in court. Just be careful if you decide to carry under that rule rather than getting a concealed handgun permit as there are all kinds of exceptions you need to understand by legal advice of competent counsel.

Be sure to keep up with the newest information and vote wisely for the officials up for election this year. A good place to see their ratings on concealed carry is the NRA site or the TSRA site .

Keep up the good work and let us know if you have any question or interesting stories..

Ross and Dottie Bransfod , 512/750 9843

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